How To Write A Blog When You’re Hungry!!

You’re probably here because you’re hungry. Well after your hear what I have to say, you’re probably still going to be hungry, so let’s get started.

This blog post started with a fun title that my friend Domanique Jazmin wrote as a page filler when working on my website. I read it and decided to make it an actual blog because let’s face it, when am I not hungry?

How to write a blog post when you’re hungry? Not to be too blunt but,


You can get off your couch and make something quick, you can order delivery, or you can stay in your couch and read this blog. If you do decide to get some food may I suggest some thaï fried chicken, or some wings, fries, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken kebab. If you couldn’t tell I’m really craving chicken.


Hear me out here, you’re already getting some food so why not make it a little party. Get some wine, try to relax. I promise those ideas will start flowing in when your belly is full, plus wine is never a bad idea.


I feel like I get my best ideas when I have some background noise. It helps distract me so I’m not stuck in my own mind. I tend to overthink things when my surroundings are way too calm. Turning on a movie or Tv show that I’ve already watched and loved, provides me with the perfect amount of distraction. I’m able to focus on my work and just peak at the tv when my favorites parts comes on.


You’re eating, drinking wine, watching TV, now what? Well nobody wants to do any type of work while they’re eating and relaxed. I know I sure don’t. So take out your phone and write down whatever ideas start coming to your mind. It’s not really “doing work” when you’re on your phone.

Voice record your thoughts.

Still do not like writing? Voice record. Every phone has a note pad application, so open yours up, press the microphone button and start recording. Every thing you say will be written down and when yopu finally feel ready to write you can just tweak a few words and fix what you need to fix and VOILA.

Hope you enjoy these tips. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Catch me on the gram for more tips and tricks.

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