Jewelry pieces you need! Ft Henne Jewelers

I’m super excited to have partnered with Henne Jewelers here in Pittsburgh, to share some jewelry pieces I think you would love.

*This post is sponsored by henne jewelers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

To start off…

  • The bracelets are my favorite pieces in this look, the yellow citrine one in particular. Both bracelts are from the Vianna family in Brasil. The gold comes from the state of Minas Gerais.

  • The necklace is a rhodolite garnet pendant. The color of the stone and the yellow gold chain.

  • The earrings are the most colorful accesories of the vianna brasil collection. They are made of Pink Tourmaline, Praziolite, Rhodolite, Rose and Rutilated Quartz.

My personal favorite…

  • My favorite accessory during this look was the Gucci earrings. They perfectly matched the aesthetic of the dress. They are minimalistic yet noticeable. I think they really brought this look together.

  • The watch and the bangles are also from Gucci. The first bangle is called “Blind for Love” and the second bangle is “Gatto” which means cat.

  • The necklaces were a perfect pair. They are made from sterling silver. The interlocking ‘G’ necklaces was paired with a 17″ cable chain while the gatto pendant was paired with a 24″ cable chain.

Wait there is more…

  • I might be biased, but the “C” initial necklace is so pretty. The diamond on the side was the perfect touch. We paired it with a heart necklace from the EF collection. Sleek and luxurious.

  • The details on the earrings are immaculate. I love that the diamonds were all over and not just on the body of the earrings. The earrings are part of the Walter Faith collection.

  • The butterfly bracelet and the heart necklace give this look a minimalist fairy feel. I love the diamond details on both and really liked how simple and thin the chain looked.

Last but not least…

  • The moon and stars bracelet is from Monica rich Kosann Jewelry. They also come in a sterling silver and black steel setting. We paired it with a gold bangle and a moonstone bracelet.

  • The necklaces are both from the Steven Batelle Jewelry collection. They are made from moonstone and yellow gold. They look really good combined together.

  • The earrings are of an aquamarine color that I absolutely love. They would be the perfect accesory for a brunch. They are also part of the Steven batelle Jewelry collection.

Thank you for reading! Check out more Jewelry On Henne Jewelers Website!

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