Top three favorite moisturizers for my oily skin.

Hey there!! In this post, I will be sharing three moisturizers that I have been using on my skin.

Like I mentioned above, I have pretty oily skin and so I try to stay away from products that contain oil, but also products that are extremely mattifying. I tend to go for products that are water-based and contain Hyaluronic acid.

DR. Zenovia

My number one favorite has to be the repairing moisturizer from Dr. Zenovia.

I love the texture of this product, it is not super thick and not super light either. It has a really nice cooling effect if you store it in the fridge overnight.

It is described as an anti-aging product that helps with the firmness of your skin.

It melts in my skin so easily and gives me a fresh boost immediately after I apply it and has a very light citrus scent.

You can get it here!


The Nº7 Radiance+ Vitamin C daily brightening moisturizer has to be the first thing I pick up when I go to target.

It helps illuminate your skin by giving it a natural radiant glow.

I started using it last year and combined it with the matching exfoliating cleanser and my skin loved it. It is also one of my go-to products during the summer because it is really light and absorbs into my skin instantly.

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The hydro boost water gel moisturizer is the last product on this list.

I like using this under my makeup because it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and it is a really light product.

I also like combining it with either the Dr. Zenovia moisturizer or the Nº7 moisturizer on days when I am not wearing any makeup.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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